Fire Pits

Fire pit, gas fire pit
Natural gas fireplace, with aluminum frame, hardi side, stack stone, concrete top and fire glass.
$ 1,850.00 includes set up and delivery.

Fire Pit Benefits

Enjoy a warm summer evening with friends or family members sitting around a fire pit in your own yard! Fire pits can bring together conversations all while looking attractive and being the center of attention. Fire pits are a popular addition to any yard! Depending on what type of fire pit you are looking to add to your backyard; wood or gas burning, clay, stone or copper finish, it will offer a 360º view of the fire and be inviting to promote good times and great memories.
fire pit, fire glass, gas fire pit
Natural gas fireplace, with aluminum frame, hardi side, stack stone, concrete top and fire glass.
$ 1,850.00 includes set up and delivery.

Fire Pit Maintenance

The maintenance of your fire pit will vary depending on the material it is made of and the fuel it is using. Ideally you should remove the ashes from your fire pit the day after you use it, but if you are using a gas fire pit this will not be necessary since there will be no ash. Some fire pits may require a touch up of fire resistant paint every few years. Do not pour water into a hot fire pit in order to put out a fire; the sudden change in temperature is not good for the fire pit and may result in breakage or at the very least deterioration of the pit.

A cover for your fire pit is recommended so it can be protected from rain and snow. There are many different types of covers: vinyl, canvas, polyester with PVC lining and others that are weather resistant. Cover your fire pit when it is not in use, but only after it has cooled. If you live in climates with harsh winter conditions, you may want to store your fire pit in a dry, sheltered area in order to keep it in good shape longer.

Fire pit. fire table, table top fire pit,
Built in round fire pit, concrete tops, red fire glass - natural gas
$ 2,250.00

Fire Pit Safety

Always use caution when around your fire pit, it is still fire. Some of the following are some safety points to consider when using your fire pit:

  • Be aware of your surroundings: Never place your fire pit under a tree or near anything flammable. Sparks can fly and a gust of wind can blow the flames near flammable surfaces.
  • Avoid accelerants: Never use accelerants or combustible materials to start a large fire. This is dangerous, and can be damaging to your fire pit as well.
  • Avoid plastic: Never use any plastic materials around a fire pit. These can melt from the heat. It is very difficult to remove the residue later, and the burning of this residue can cause emission of toxic fumes.
  • Inspect burners: If you are using a gas fire pit, you must inspect and clean the burners and valves regularly. Insect nests, dirt and other buildup can block the flow of air and can cause fires.
  • Professional inspection: Gas fire pits and the gas supply must be inspected by a qualified serviceman at least once a year. If you are using gas supply from your house (natural gas or propane) for your fire pit, a qualified gas supplier must install the piping.
  • Clean after cooking: Many outdoor fire pits come with a grill and can be used for barbecuing. Always clean up properly after using the grill and cooking so there is so residue left on or around the fire pit.

fire pit, seating, fire glass
Round fire pit, red fire glass, belgard stone with belgard stone top.
Belgard stone seat.
wood burning fire pit, fire pit
Wood burning round fire pit, belgard stone.

$ 1,850.00

Fire pit, gas fire pit, fire glass.
Round fire pit, east west stack stone, concrete tops, blue fire glass.
Propane tank hideout door.
fire pit, seat wall,
Fire Pit
gas fire pit, fire glass
Natural gas fire pit with red fire glass, stack stone, with concrete top.
Fire and water, fire pit with water, water feature, fire
Round fire/water bowl.
Perfect for relaxing.
wood pit, wood fire pit,
Wood burning fire pit.

fire table, water feature
Fire table with water feature, stack stone finish with black fire glass.

fire pit
Fire pit with belgard stone, belgard seat wall.
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